The New Classroom


There’s a new kind of classroom that no one has yet given to the masses. This new kind of classroom is collaborative. This new kind of classroom is practical. This new kind of classroom is not in the future. This new kind of classroom is already here – we just have to see it.

We started our day today with a “lecture” from the two co-founders of SeatGeek, an event ticket availability website. They answered our questions, gave us advice, and encouraged us to go out and DO IT!

Here are a few gems:

“Get a VC that won’t block sales. If you can, you’re golden.”

“Make sure to meet on Mondays and plan out your week as a team for ten minutes to figure out what features you want to add and segment them to make sure they won’t take more than three hours. Update the google doc as they’re finished and see how far you got and how long they took.”

“We didn’t really have an idea at first. We just knew we wanted to build a company. So that’s what we did. We met everyday at Starbucks for five hours a day for a couple of weeks and just came up with ideas. Then it worked.”

“Make sure your team doesn’t ever duplicate anything. Split up and make something your domain. For example, I went and fundraised for a few weeks while he handled all the development work. By the way, fundraising will take over your life.”

“Figure out your value add and your main feature and stick to it. If you have to pivot then do it as soon as possible. It’s better to change as soon as you can.”

After our lecture we broke for lunch and I started making calls to “big deals” that we want involved in our project. Here’s a tip – make a phone call! Phones are extremely power when you need to reach a “big deal” person. For instance, I wanted to contact Claymation creator Will Vinton (as in he created Claymation) about using a clip from a Mark Twain movie he did in our learning environment. So I googled his name, got his company, and found a number. I called and guess who answered – Will Vinton!

We had a good chat about the project and he asked for a proposal about how it would be used. Then he gave me his email. Whoa! Awesome!

Then I emailed the amazing ePub paragon Liz Castro (Liz’s Blog) about getting her support for some of the ePub aspects and, bing, bang, boom, she responded enthusiastically and immediately!

All you have to do is get out there and ASK! Don’t be afraid!

The new kind of classroom requires that you not be afraid and have fun!

In “A New Culture of Learning” written by John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas they ask the question,

“What happens to learning when we move from the stable infrastructure of the twentieth century to the fluid infrastructure of the twenty-first century, where technology is constantly creating and responding to change?”

“[Learning] takes place without books, without teachers, and without classrooms, and it requires environments that are bounded yet provide complete freedom of action within those boundaries. This familiar dynamic, in fact, structures all our contemporary notions of play, games, and imagination” (Thomas and Brown, 2011).

Let there be learning.



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