newquill Use Case 1 – Phamanetae

Hello ladies and friends my name is Phamentae
I’m fifteen and I feel like
No one in the world can comprehend
Me or my loss
My life and my cost
Traded in my mom’s food stamps
For a new iPod.
Why did I do it? Because I want control
I want freedom, I want more.
With apps I can create
With games I can play
With text I can connect
To get my eyes off of the TV set.
I can make my own beats
And lay my own rhymes
I want to make a dollar
Without having to sell dimes.

I can tell my story
You all can read my life,
Through the words of Oscar Wilde,
You all can feel my strife,
“We are all in the gutter,
But some of us are looking at the stars.”
We are all so free,
But some of us live a life behind bars.

So this is my identity,
This is my expression,
This is my classroom,
This is my question:
If I’ve got newquill
What am I missing?
If I have my own voice
I just need people to listen.

So I can share with you my tracks
in exchange for more change and high stacks
I can get the job done
Just like Steve does with iMacs
I earned it myself
And I feel valued
I feel so fresh and so clean
Like a bath with Vidal Sassoon.
Oh, please excuse me, now I must vamoose
But have no fear, now I am an author
I’ll live forever like a tattoo.


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