The Sword and the Stone

In the mystical fable of Camelot the future leader of the kingdom was decided by who could pull the magical sword Excalibur out of a stone. Powerful warriors from all over the land came to prove their prowess to the world by lifting the sword out – but none of them were successful. There was only one boy, a lowly child, who had been chosen to lift the world’s most invincible weapon out of its rocky tomb.

This week a massive conference at the Javitz Center in New York City (#bea11, #digbook11) was held under the auspices of networking, moneymaking, and the sharing of new and innovative ideas. In reality, however, it was only a big front for finding someone, anyone, who can lift the publishing sword out of the eBook stone.

Here are the components that I think the Arthur will have:

1. They will know the blogging space better than the traditional publishing space.
2. They will have more of a background in media than in text.
3. They will be as much Silicon Valley as they are New York City.
4. They will think about the importance of shared experience, time spent with the product and the site, and the motivation for repeating the experience of reading outside of “it makes you smart.”
5. They will crowd source content creation.
6. They will give their users creation tools that will empower them and let them know they are valued.
7. They will reveal themselves right around the release of ePub3.
8. They will build bridges between nations, generations, cultures, and technologies.
9. They will take advantage of a hybrid learning/creation space that is both digital and face to face.
10. They will redefine what the world calls a book.



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