Walk and talk. Walk and talk. Don’t forget to write!

We are learning a lot about the New York connection scene. Here’s an important point that makes it completely foreign to us from Los Angeles – in New York, a meeting is only a minute away. Pretty much in every way. This is a good and a bad thing. Let me tell you why.

In LA when you have meetings you always make sure to consolidate them based on geography. If you need to go to Santa Monica you see as many people in Santa Monica at one time as you can. When you’re done with your barrage of meetings you walk to the beach, sit and stare at the ocean while you wait for traffic to die down, and then take the drive home to contemplate and absorb your day of discussions.


In NYC, no space is too far for a meeting since they all happen on Manhattan. You have a morning meeting, a lunch meeting, an afternoon meeting, and probably a mixer event during the evening. This makes your networking, literally, nonstop. Here are a few observations I’m willing to put out after living for 24 years in Los Angeles and just a week and a half in New York.


1. Social capital is currency here and the more people you know the more people know you because networks are tight and you’re bound to be mentioned in the space you want to be mentioned in. Being a hater will get you squashed.

2. In New York everything is closer together, faster, and more overt. People tell you what they really think and they expect you to react honestly. You’re expected to get it all out immediately because in close quarters you know you can’t avoid them. In Los Angeles you can always move to the Valley. Or Riverside.

3. New York is all about treating others the way you want to be treated. You can’t escape karma and if you want to do anything, since people are going to get to know about you anyways, it might as well be good instead of bad.

4. It’s intense. It’s fast-paced and it has no mercy for your mind or legs. There is no time for masks. Smiles don’t mean a lot to people on the streets, but they are required indoors. And your thighs get ripped. You walk a lot. You don’t spent money on gas or insurance. But you do buy $4 spring rolls.

5. You have to take time outs. That’s why there are parks in the city. That’s why they have a harbor, museums, galleries, shops, yoga classes, etc. You need to find an inner peace in this city to keep at this pace. Find whatever it is that makes you excited to get up before every one else does and do it. Take that time to reflect on your life. I can see why so many writers come out of NYC. Reflection is a key to survival.

Hence this blog. *deep breath*


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