The Perfect User

The more I organize my thoughts about the potential of newquill, the more it seems that I am constantly running into the same questions.  “Who will produce good content?”  and “Who will pay to consume this content?”  After weighing the potential user spheres I was feeling that we were missing something.  Something big.  And then it dawned on me: there is a vast community that is already doing this.  In fact, I am taking part in this community at this very moment.  Our initial audience and core user is “the blogger.”

The blogging community is huge.  77% of Internet users interact with blogs.  They create good content, communicate their ideas with multimedia, have massive followings, and use the blog as a supplemental form of income.  It is a no-brainer:  newquill turns bloggers into authors and blogs into published books.  The blogging community needs this tool.  Instead of waiting for a big publisher to knock on your door offering you a book deal (good luck), having the ability to self-publish your blog posts as a multimedia book will not only empower the author, but will ultimately attract publishers.  It’s a win-win.  The questions of “Who will produce good content?” or even “Who will consume it?” are no longer relevant.  The blogging community has already done the legwork for us.  Now it is our job to build a platform for these creative individuals, to broaden their reach, and to expand their audiences.


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