The tool for the modern Renaissance man.

Who is the modern man/woman? Are they rich, influential, progressive, self-aware, knowledgeable? The answer is yes. He or she is rich in community, socially influential, forward thinking, inquisitive, and always learning. They are this way not by choice but nature. Regardless of context, humanity is driven by these needs and society is simply the reflection of them. Today we are jacks of all trades, wearing many hats at once; constantly learning, growing, and existing in multiple social spheres at any one point in time. Understanding this condition along with the desire to create and share is where newquill will exist; at the crossroads of social life and individual expression. We offer a platform for you to aggregate your social life, creative drive, and media experiences in one place. It is the tool for the modern Renaissance man or woman. It is the brush for the painter, the quill for the writer. We will empower users to create, share, and publish their stories with rich media through a collective sense of play. Life is a story to be told. Why not have fun telling it?


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