Inspiriations for newquill: New Media Literacies – Play

I figured it would be nice to start to lay out some of the original inspirations for newquill to give you all a better understanding of where we’re coming from and why we are passionate about our product.

The first will be all twelve new media literacies from @Henry Jenkins out of the MIT Media Lab (although when I met him he had been snatched up by the Annenberg school at USC).

You can find them here: New Media Literacies, but I’ll just briefly explain how each applies to newquill.

Play: the capacity to experiment with your surroundings as a form of problem-solving. iPad = play for people.

Whatever you’re doing on it suddenly becomes fun – it’s like magic! Tactile experience paired with collaborating with others is a form of play. Carl Jung said, “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity.”

Learning needs to be a whole lot more like play than before – kids expect it. Kids also require social capital in exchange for doing things. Real time collaboration and sharing that work out to the web and to other tablets creates a social motivation for learning – play is important.

How does one define play? Well – to play one must have rules. The iPad is beautiful because it holds infinite power within a constrained size and user experience. The iPad is, in fact, the perfect sandbox for kids of all ages.

newquill will create a sandbox within a sandbox – a canvas space open to the things most relevant your life: your ideas, your images, your stories. You can play with others in real time by seeing what they’re creating and by bringing your own objects into the canvas. And what’s the goal? To publish it out for the world to see. Now that’s fun.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next literacy explained!


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