Inspirations for newquill: New Media Literacies – Judgment

Today’s Supreme Court decision about video game violence will go down in history as a judgment about media literacy that will pave the way for an entirely new concept of reading, learning, and literacy.

The 7-2 Supreme Court ruling released today in EDMUND G. BROWN, JR., GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. ENTERTAIN-
MENT MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION ET AL. cites that “All literature is interactive. [T]he better it is, the more interactive. Literature when it is successful draws the reader into the story, makes him identify with the characters, invites him to judge them and quarrel with them, to experience their joys and sufferings as the reader’s own.”

This statement is integral to the future of reading, learning, and cements newquill’s place as an ultimate enabler for creating 21st century literature.

Justice Scalia [a real badass] speaking for the majority, also says,

“Video games qualify for First Amendment protection. Like protected books, plays, and movies, they communicate ideas through familiar literary devices and features distinctive to the medium. And “the basic principles of freedom of speech . . . do not vary” with a new and different communication medium.”

This solidifies the legitimacy of new media forms of communication and bestows upon them the same importance as the written word by the highest court of the land. This judgment can be used by students defending their use of newquill in turning in media rich essays in public schools, or teachers using quilled works as textbooks for their classes.

This is only the beginning of a supreme literary revolution.

But that is not the only reason why this decision is important.

In a concurring opinion, Justice Samuel Alito [a nice guy] fills up his writing with links to video game websites to give examples of violent video games. And why is this important? Because it shows that a Supreme Court Justice requires the use of media to express his opinion on a monumental legal issue. Here are the websites that he linked to IN his opinion:

The Ten Most Violent Video Games of All Time

Top Ten Most Violent Video Games

Fifteen Most Violent Video Games That Made You Puke

Here are images and video from these sites that SHOULD be directly embedded into his opinion. However, since the Supreme Court uses .pdf – the best that can be done are links that 90% of readers won’t follow. But imagine how much stronger Alito’s opinion would be if the reader could see the media right alongside his words? That is what the power of .ePub 3 and newquill will allow.




              FINISH HIM!





This judgment ushers in a new era of thinking about literacy, reading, and writing. newquill is ready to give any user the tools to become explorers, excavators, in the frontiers of new media.



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