Inspirations for newquill: The New Media Literacies – Negotiation

Negotiation — the ability to travel across diverse communities, discerning and respecting multiple perspectives, and grasping and following alternative norms. We now need to know how to live in multiple communities – from the hyperlocal to the global and from those composed of people like us to those consisting of people very different from us.

– Henry Jenkins

[Agency] has the potential to ignite a transformative identity shift if it’s not in a context where kids are given a lot of agency in what they explore.

– Mimi Ito

What are their names?
Where have they been?
Where are they going?
What do they love?
What do they have that no one else in the world does?
How are you different from them?
How are you the same?

The child on the streets of Mumbai

The Carpet Seller in South Los Angeles

The Solider in the West Bank

The beggar in Damascus

The dancer in Tokyo

The doctor in Cuba

The laborer in Shanghai

The strawberry picker in Phoenix

The teacher in Port-au-Prince

The coffee farmer in Nairobi

The cleaning lady in Hanoi

The painter in Paris

Singer in Lagos

The mullah in Morocco

The shepherd in Mansushiir Khiid

The high school student in London

The healer in Rio De Janeiro


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