newquill theme song

Since our pitch right now is that newquill is like garageband for new media I figured I should use garageband to give an example of what is possible with newquill.


I’m tired of talking

so I’m just gonna blast this telepathically –

I swear my lips aren’t even moving right now.

What kinda ends are adjectives/

I’d rather build bridges/

Forget about the tension/

no more mentioning them inches/

stop counting the minutes/

start thinking – infinite/

we’re living in a renaissance/

you all must remember this/

When I work I do verbs/

When I walk I  lead herds/

by rivers and new worlds/

commitment to words gets you what you deserve/

Go ahead talk about focus/

but I would rather feel it/

You watch all them shows/

but I would rather steal them/

I’m about product/

I’m electric/

shocked ya/

I’m a VC – haha/

not what ya thought, huh/

valuable contributer to the solution/

to a problem within music/

It’s called newquill, use it/

The album is dead/

and long live digital/

Let Malcolm live forever/

on a screen with Denzel/

That’s the power that we have/

we’re talking ’bout eternity/

Time and space are nothing/

when you can control media, see/

here is the future, it’s all about connection/

content isn’t king, though I know that connect is/

Let’s go on a road show/

So Ho to Tokyo/

copyright controlled by

Yoko Ono/






You Choose/


The art is all in you/

You are the artist/

so what are you making?

What are you watching?

It’s all about creation/

You are the artist.

So what are you making?

What are you watching?

Just turn your tablet sideways/

and start your creating




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