Tablets, Batches, and Music: Amazon vs Apple, Grooveshark vs Spotify

So there’s been a lot of exciting news today.

Amazon announced that it will release a rival tablet to the iPad (possibly named Hollywood) in October. Even though it hasn’t been “officially” announced (whatever that means) the Wall Street Journal put out an article about it here so I believe it.

Then I got an email from Apple telling me that they are going to introduce volume app purchases for businesses. This means that any paid app will easily be able to be purchased by entire businesses to turn app sales business to business rather than only business to consumer. That one’s here.

In musicland, Spotify is coming to the US in a  few hours. By the time you read this it will be here. And you can read about it here.

They say it’s the only free music service in the US with all these cool features, but I still use Grooveshark. Doesn’t everybody use Grooveshark?

Here’s a video about spotify: 

Here’s a massive picture of Grooveshark. Giant shark or British accent? Jobs or Besos? You, the consumer, vote with your cash!


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