Oh dear, sweet newquill. You were such an abstract, ephemeral concept for a company. But you still have strength! You still have a vision! You still have a purpose! You are still on all of our legal paperwork!!!

So, as one discovers in the world of entrepreneurship, there is a thing called a pivot. And a pivot means that even if it is ever so slightly you change the direction of your company.

At one point I thought it was a BAD thing. That pivoting was a sign of failure. Don’t be fooled. Pivoting is a sign of humility, a sign of listening. So we were humbled by the response to our first vision for the application and thought about what we all loved most. Ah, yes, of course. Music.

So we came up with the idea of Re-Vinyl – re-inventing the album for the digital age. A very specific application of newquill to the music industry. And, not surprisingly, it stuck. Big time.

So I’ll keep posting occasionally on the blog. Things are a little crazy right with the end of our time at Dreamit and all, but I’ll stay true and committed to my writing. Maybe one day we’ll grow big and strong and hire someone to write these blogs for us. Or, better yet, we’ll hire someone to do all of the other work that I’m doing right now and I’ll just write the blog. That would be great.

Here’s to change! Here’s to progress!


3 thoughts on “Re-Vinyl

  1. What is this supposed to be? Why do you need an app to display video and go to facebook? Couldn’t you just make a webpage that does that?

    • Zeek! Think big, my friend! It’s the re-invention of the album! It’s a one stop shop for all of an artist’s content! It’s a place where you can see and shop for brands related to the artist! It’s a media platform allowing musicians to tell their story on their terms! It’s a place to promote yourself and your favorite artists through media mashups! It’s a hub for intimate relationships with musicians. It’s a vehicle for bands and brands absent an intermediary! It can be used by artists on labels, unsigned artists, or indies.

      It’s what music needs!

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