Re-Vinyl Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce our product, which we’ve spent the last several months fine-tuning in order to address the biggest pain points in a market sorely in need of disruption.

Positioned at the core of music, we are Re-Vinyl: a mobile application that connects commerce and creation while making digital music an art of promotion.

1. Re-Vinyl is a platform, allowing musicians and related brands to tell and sell their story on their own terms. (Creation)

2. Re-Vinyl is a vehicle, connecting bands to fans and fans to brands, without an intermediary. (Connection)

3. Re-Vinyl is a toolkit, empowering fans to collaboratively remix, purchase, and respond to musical content. (Collaboration)

4. Re-Vinyl is a carrier, circulating this content while promoting musicians and related brands. (Circulation)


We’re all about solutions here – and the music industry needs some big ones. Despite 360 deals and changes in the major label structure (mostly involving downsizing and/or consolidation) there still has yet to emerge a solution to the “music problem” that benefits the artist. That’s what we’re all about. With Re-Vinyl, labels have a new method of distribution, unsigned artists have a voice, indie labels have the ability to capitalize on their social networks, and advertisers get to know more about their target audiences. Everybody wins.

Re-Vinyl secures a consolidated income stream for the artist through in-app sales.

Re-Vinyl builds a true partnership between the artist and the distributor while crowdsourcing promotion to their fans and social networks.

Re-Vinyl provides a scalable solution to brand advertising and marketing for and through the artist – a one-stop shop for commerce, consumption, and creation.


A Vinyl (our 21st century, web-powered version of a vinyl) is a visceral story told through music and media that is digitally collectible. It brings back elements like liner notes, album artwork, and visualizations centered around a common theme. When’s the last time music offered you that kind of experience? Because Re-Vinyl runs on an Apple device we can coordinate iTunes purchases with our Vinyls so you won’t ever have to make multiple purchases of songs you already own. And when iCloud comes out you will be able to stream your music through our application, in the process gaining a contextual, media rich experience.


A Re-Vinyl is the user’s remixed response to a Vinyl, which can include media pulled from the cloud, stored on the user’s mobile device, or provided by the artist.

A user’s Vinyl collection is stored in the application while his or her Re-Vinyl response is housed, viewed, and shared on our website, the artist’s website, and social networks.


The beauty of Re-Vinyl is that it makes use of the EPUB3 format, a combination of HTML5/CSS and Javascript, so that Vinyls can be read in eReaders such as iBooks and Kindle in addition to our app. Embedding DRM into Vinyls will keep artists’ work secure while enabling cross-platform readability, providing a scalable solution to the “music app.”



Through Re-Vinyl artists can tell and sell their stories with audio tracks, lyrics, music videos, graphics, interviews, and the written word, building an intimate relationship with their fans while giving the market a music experience that it’s never seen before. Concert tickets, merchandise, and live streaming of concert events can also be sold directly from within the context of the musical eperience.

Viral Promotion

Each Vinyl includes a call to action from the artist encouraging fans to tell their story. This personalized response is then exported from the application as a Re-Vinyl to social networks, offering instantaneous, free promotion for the musician.


We are currently working with two artists out of our hometown of Los Angeles: pop/rock singer Derik Nelson and rapper/singer Mann. We are actively seeking deals with top 10 Billboard music artists.

In Conclusion

We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of progress in the entertainment industry. It’s our passion to bring the experience of vinyl to the digital age – to remember what it means to deeply engage with music.

We’re so excited we just had to rap about it!!!

Re-Vinyl is a mobile distribution and promotion platform enabling artists to create immersive, rich media albums. If you would like more information about Re-Vinyl please reach us at If you would like to keep updated on our launch please add your email address to our launch page:


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