Re-Vinyl Demo Day Video

Well the whole team is back in LA now and it’s awesome. Really busy, but awesome. We’re finding that every element of the future music system is here and in full swing. Plus, it’s desperate for a big change.

Big gratitude for everyone in New York who brought us from Freshmen to Seniors through the DreamIt program. Especially to our mentor/mother-in-law Laurie Racine at Startl. And Mark Wachen at DreamIt for believing in my rap powers. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

We had another great demo event with Schmoozd in Santa Monica this week and it’s great to be splashing into another completely different startup land. LA is not New York.

We’re happy to be back at the Annenberg Innovation Lab, but we haven’t forgotten about New York. I’ll be back on the east coast from September 20th to 27th to take meetings and continue building relationships on the other coast.

For those of you just meeting us in LA or those who didn’t get to attend DreamIt’s demo day in New York, here is the video from our pitch:

We’ve got a big job to do and we’re going to need all the help we can get. Brace yourself for some really cool media coming out in the next week featuring some of the artists we’re working with.




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