Back to Work

Well it’s been a while, friends.

We’re all back in LA hard at work getting ready to launch Re-Vinyl. This month marks the year anniversary of our team all coming together. It’s been quite a ride.

People have been asking me why we’re doing what we’re doing. Is it for the music? Is it for a job? Why have you all eschewed traditional jobs in the fields that you love? When are you going to start to make money?

I haven’t been quick enough to answer this question cleverly in person – that’s what blogs are good for.

We’re doing this because we feel responsible to do something. We’ve all been given a lot in our lives – privilege, opportunity, education. We have learned in the last year that no one is entitled to anything – it must be earned. And starting a company is hard work. It really is.

So here’s our answers: We’re doing it as a service to the artist and the fan – we all, in our own ways, are both. Musicians, designers, programmers – we are all artists. We are inspired by the great work of other artists – we learn so much from their creating and sharing with the world.

We believe there is a difference between a job and employment. A job is something you don’t want to do – but you do it anyway. Employment is feeling purpose and enthusiasm for the work that you do. Employment – purpose – in today’s world is necessary because you are going to need passion to get past the debris of the old, crumbling system that lie in the pathway to the new.

We’ve avoided the traditional system because we all have a spirit inside of us that urges us into new development – progress and advancement for the world that is alive in our hearts.

And making money? First we need to prove that we’re providing value to artists and users.

Market time.


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